Q. What is your address?
A. Our offices are located in all major cities of Canada.
Q. How can I register for Clarke Link?
A. If you are an existing customer and would like to gain access to Clarke Link. Click here to submit registration request. Our office staff will inform you when the request is processes. For immediate attention, please contact customer service department during business hours.
Q. Can I track my shipment without user login?
A. Yes. Clarkelink quick track allows you to view shipment status without user login.
Q. Can I get copy of Bill of Lading, or Proof of Delivery using this site?
A. Yes. Documents such as Bill of Lading, or Proof of Delivery are available to clarkelink registered users.
Q. Can I see shipment charges using this site?
A. Yes. If you are the bill to party, you can view shipment charges as long as you are a registered user.
Q. Can I see what I owe on a freight bill?
A. Yes. The Aging report can show balance on all unpaid invoices.
Q. Can I create Bill of Lading online?
A. Yes. Users can created Online Bill of Ladings using Clarkelink.
Q. Can I upload my customer List?
A. Yes. Clarkelink allows users to maintain their own customer list to speed up creation of Bill of Lading process.
Q. Can I use smartphone to access your site?
A. Yes. You can access clarkelink on most smart phones.
Q. What browser types are supported on your site?
A. Most commonly users browsers are support. We recommend using the most current version of browsers.
Q. Can I make online pickup requests?
A. Yes. The feature is available. There are some limitations in certain areas. Please consult your sales rep for more details.
Q. Do you have GPS tacking?
A. Yes. Clarke Road Transport Inc. and Clarke Transport Inc. utilize GPS technology with real time status updates.
Q. What are your business hours?
A. Our business hours are 8:30AM – 5:00AM local time. Please contact your local office for more details.
Q. How can I contact Customer Service?
A. Clarke Transport customer service group can be reached at customerservice@clarketransport.com. For Clarke Road Transport please access your local branch.
Q. How can I access Pricing Department?
A. Our centralized customer service group can be reached at pricing@clarketransport.com
Q. How can I reach my Clarke collection agent?
A. Your collections agent name and contact information can be located on the statement. If you do not have a copy of the statement, you can contact customer service group.
Q. Do you have ability to send and receive EDI documents?
A. Yes. Our standard EDI X12 transaction set includes 204, 997, 991, 210, 214
Q. Does Clarkelink allow site to site connectivity using web services?
A. Yes. Clarke Link web services can be used to establish system to system communication. We currently offer tracing and document retrieval services.
Q. Can you provide flatbed and over dimensional freight services?
A. Yes. Clarke Road Transport offers both of these services through their flat bed division throughout North America

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