Clarke Road Transport

Direct Service

With strategically located offices throughout Canada, Clarke Road Transport Inc. serves all of North Amercia with high-quality, high-value truckload service. Its modern fleet includes a variety of van and flatbed equipment geared to suit the needs of clientele in such diverse industry sectors as food & beverage, general construction, oil & gas, chemicals, forestry, mining & exploration and retail, to name a few.

Direct Benefits

The Clarke Road Transport Inc. dispatch centre is available 7 days a week. Highly experienced and dedicated staff members are on hand to deal with any customer requirements. Safety is always a vital part of the operation. The industry-leading safety programs in place at Clarke Road Transport Inc. ensure a safe working environment for all employees and drivers. This results in fewer delays, fewer claims and less inconvenience.

A full line of state-of-the-art equipment is capable of transporting all client truckload requirements.

Equipment Availability:
  • late model tractors
  • 53' dry & heat vans
  • 53' intermodal trailers
  • 53' flatbed/drop deck trailers
  • light weight aluminum step decks & flatbed trailers
  • low bed trailers for heavy hauls
  • trombone trailers upon request (handle up to 75')
  • B-Trains with up to 90,000 lb capacity
Direct Results

Clarke Road Transport Inc.'s direct benefits translate into direct results for its customers. The outcome of the hands-on approach to customer service has been rapid expansion, a results-driven operation, and a growing list of satisfied customers.

Clarke Road Transport Inc. understands the critical part that on-time delivery of goods plays in the supply chain picture. The company is committed to continue its investment in quality equipment, technology and people to deliver the best overall result to our customers.

  • On-time service commitment
  • ClarkeLink provides on-line access to its central database for major accounts who desire immediate shipment information
  • Clarke Road Transport Inc.'s claims ratio

News Releases

Carbon Levy
Effective January 1, 2017, the Province of Alberta implemented a Carbon Levy on all fossil fuels that emit greenhouse gas emissions. This Carbon Levy is in addition to the current Provincial and Federal fees included in the cost of fuel.

CARBON TAXES and Related Government Imposed Energy Consumption Fees
The application of carbon fees and related taxes imposed by the Provinces of British Columbia and Newfoundland, and soon to be imposed by various other Provincial governments including Ontario, and Alberta, will have a material effect on our business. These cost inputs, as directed by the Federal Government, will have a substantial impact on all industry sectors.

Clarke Warehousing and Distribution
We are pleased to announce that Axiom Warehousing, a former division of QuikX Transportation has been transitioned to the Clarke Freight Transportation Group and will be operating as Clarke Warehousing and Distribution (CWD).

Clarke Road Transport invests in fuel efficient equipment - Volvo 670s
We are very pleased to announce that in order to improve our service and decrease our impact on the environment Clarke Road Transport has started delivery of 50 new 2017 Volvo 670’s. All of these trucks are equipped with the latest fuel efficiency devices and aerodynamics to reduce fuel consumption. These trucks are designed for driver comfort and reliability and should position Clarke Road to efficiently service your needs in the years ahead.

Fleet Improvements
We are happy to announce that Clarke Road Transport has recently purchased 30 brand new Freightliner tractors and 20 tandem heaters. It is part of our ongoing efforts to keep our fleet safe and up-to-date. In addition, it is part of our commitment to lower emissions and improved fleet performance.


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